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2005 Nudism Galleries and Reports!

These are all of the Nudism galleries that premiered in 2005. This index is on multiple pages. Use the links to find other galleries and subjects available on the website. Use the Search Engine to find a specific location, event, or photographer.
January 01/05   Beachman - Orient Beach 2004 175 images NUDISM
Leave it to the Beachman to warm up that chilly fall weather...
January 03/05   Angelita & Angelito - Fuerteventura 2004 15 images NUDISM
“This year the locusts coming from Africa were plentiful but they were quite harmless for the bathers”...
January 04/05   Canonbabe - Tavira Island 2004 25 images NUDISM
This is our first submission from this island.
January 10/05   AndyO - Desert Spa 2004 30 images NUDISM
Sorry folks, AndyO's keeping this location a secret!
January 10/05   AndyO - Hot Springs 2004 15 images NUDISM
This one's a secret, too!
January 14/05   Cheech Jones - Costa Ballena 2004 10 images NUDISM
From the south of Spain, apparently...
January 17/05   Nude Cruiser - Cruise 2004 20 images NUDISM
Kind of like a regular cruise except for the fact that everyone's naked!
January 19/04   Dutchie - Zandvoort 2004 20 images NUDISM
We can always count on Dutchie!
January 28/05   Luxpig - Gunnison Beach 2004 40 images NUDISM
Everyone loves these!
February 05/05   Dune Devil - East Coast 2004 40 images NUDISM
Not much beats nude volleyball...
February 06/05   Natural Viewer - Vera Playa 2004 200 images NUDISM
You'll never guess what NV was up to during his 2004 summer holidays...
February 14/05   Satyrix - Cap d'Agde Beauty Contest 1980 20 images NUDISM
Who can resist a nude beauty pageant???
February 15/05   Suntanned Tia - Haulover Beach 2004 14 images NUDISM
With a few from South Beach thrown in...
February 16/05   Shydog - Euro Bunnies 2004 10 images NUDISM
A preview of a new video, perhaps???
February 18/05   Kacper - Poland 2004 8 images NUDISM
It's been a while since we last heard from Kacper - welcome back!
February 24/05   Jeff - Barcelona 2004 25 images NUDISM
These were taken in different locales during Jeff's summer vacation.
March 05/05   Salines - South of France 2004 25 images NUDISM
These are a really nice way to end the week, don't you think???
March 07/05   Dune Devil - East Coast 2004 35 images NUDISM
The Dune Devil brings some winter warmth our way!
March 09/05   Krap - Baker Beach 2004 22 images NUDISM
Hard to believe that this beautiful area is just minutes from the congested city.
March 15/05   FZU - Hungarian Camping 2004 25 images NUDISM
Nudism as it should be...
March 23/05   Logit23 - Croatia 2004 10 images NUDISM
Nude camping?
March 24/05   Dune Devil - East Coast 2004 14 images NUDISM
This should complete Dune Devil's 2004 series. Good thing summer's around the corner!
March 26/05   FZU - Krakow 2004 50 images NUDISM
Polish nudism at its finest!
April 03/05   Suntanned Tia - Black's Beach 2004 9 images NUDISM
Tia gets around!
April 04/05   Raoul - Fuerteventura 2005 10 images NUDISM
Raoul seems to like it here...
April 10/05   Frenchy One - France 2004 22 images NUDISM
A woman sets up her beach tent.
April 11/05   Red Baron - Haulover 2005 10 images NUDISM
A scenic view of this popular nudist beach.
April 12/05   Natural Viewer - Vera Playa 2004 200 images NUDISM
And this would the beginnning of the next set of 200 pics...
April 13/05   Falco - Europe 2004 15 images NUDISM
Falco won't tell us where these were taken - a secret place, perhaps?
April 15/05   DuneDog - Zack's Beach circa 1980 50 images NUDISM
We manually scanned these for DuneDog because they were THAT good!
April 17/05   California One - Cali Beach 2005 10 images NUDISM
Can you guess the exact location???
April 18/05   Jo Blake - Queensland 2004 30 images NUDISM
Great gallery with more on the way. Life is good!
April 21/05   Archie - Holland 2004 20 images NUDISM
This is Archie's home-turf!
April 30/05   Nudist Couple - Houseboat 2004 8 images NUDISM
The ladies decided to flash passersby...
May 07/05   Satyrix - French Riviera 2004 15 images NUDISM
A nice sequence of a woman disrobing and setting up her area on the beach.
May 15/05   Fina - Elbe River 204 10 images NUDISM
Near Dessau, Germany
May 25/05   Fonda - Yuba River 2003 30 images NUDISM
A great gallery - true nudism!
May 27/05   Natural Viewer - Vera Playa 2004 150 images NUDISM
Check out the fella in the second image - mighty impressive!
May 28/05   Salines - Underwater 2005 10 images NUDISM
A little bit of naked fun in the pool...
May 30/05   El Formentero - Spain 2005 50 images NUDISM
Truly one of the most beautiful nudism areas in the world.
June 01/05   Wolfgang - Munich 2004 10 images NUDISM
Wolfgang returns!
June 04/05   Alik VIP - Koktebel 2005 15 images NUDISM
Taken in the Ukraine...
June 09/05   Newport Boy - Mykonos 2004 15 images NUDISM
Here's one for the ladies!
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