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Posted by Chris on March 30, 2004 at 23:34:39:

In Reply to: Re: juvenex posted by jeff on March 30, 2004 at 14:48:06:

Milo went by himself and no one minded. (See his write-up below.) He said he used a towell when walking around. If one uses a towell instead of walking around naked, and if you mind your own business and don't impolitely stare, then I don't see how anyone could take issue with you. People can "suspect" all they want, but if one's outward behavior is appropriate and polite then there are no objective grounds for others' consternation.
You said: "If you go with a woman - friend or date, it doesn't matter - it is clear that your nudity is social in nature and not directed against others, and no woman has to worry that you are there to find new female friends - her, maybe." Wouldn't my aforementioned outwardly respectful and polite behavior -- not staring, not parading around, etc. -- allow women not to "worry" that I'm there to hit on her? What if I'm just there to enjoy the sauna and services, not necessarily to be "social," and I behave accordingly, minding my own business, etc.?
You said: 'You also show you are not a "loser/pervert/freak" because you already are with a woman. It normalizes you and removes doubt. In particular, other women will view you as "safe." For the same reasons, the people who own and run the spa will feel better about you, and will be far less likely to ask you to cover up.' to which I say: I can't do anything about people's subjective perceptions and their paranoia, but I CAN make sure I'm always respectful and unobtrusive. If they still "doubt" me after this, when my behavior is completely socially acceptable, then that's their problem. And Milo said that he didn't provoke any malevolent or disgusted looks from the female patrons nor any negative comments from the staff.

The issue has to do entirely with how one comports himself.

Finally, you said: "This at any rate is what I've observed and experienced based on visits to spa 88, alone and with others. It's always better to go with a woman or in a mixed group of men and women." -- How, exactly, did you "observe" this? Did you hear people making negative comments to or about single men there, but NOT hear them with respect to guys who had company? I don't know how one "observes" what goes on in others' minds (i.e., how they're taking your presence or perceiving you), but if you're talking about some tangible evidence that single guys are not appreciated there, then that's what I'm looking for. Again, Milo said he had no problems.

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