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Posted by COCCO on March 26, 2004 at 13:42:18:

Hello 5-i's fans!

It is official. The coccozella team is preparing to host and administer all the sites in the iiiii's familiy. You may have been aware of some inconsistencies in the level of service since late 2003. The circumstances that resulted in this were beyond the control of 5i's himself and he regrets any inconveniences this may have caused. We have agreed to take over and make sure everything is running properly from day to day. The small amount of revenue generated by the sites will be shared with 5i's. Your support in every possible way is thankfully acknowledged by all of us.

The plan is that we will move everything to our webservers starting Saturday March 26. It is going to take a few days, or even weeks to get everything functioning 100 percent.

IMPORTANT - Be aware that there is a possibility that if you post a new message at a certain point in time it might be gone when you next visit the site. This is because you will be looking at a different copy of the site on another server. We will take measures to prevent or minimize this from happening, but we cannot guarantee a completely smooth transition. It is possible that the scripts that control the message boards will not function properly at first and it could take some number of days to sort everything out.

NOTICE re EMAILS to any address of
Messages may disappear into limbo until such time as we identify which boxes exist and have to be set up. After that we will provide customer support.

These should continue to work but if you have a problem please fill out a trouble ticket at:

We may not be able to correct your problem right away but we will do our best and also reward you for your patience in some way. Give us complete information - site name, subscription info etc.

The sign-up areas may have to be disabled for a period of time as we will likely change to a different processing company. Please hang in with us until we get this working. There will be no picture content updates for an indefinite period of time. So if you buy, you are buying to see what is there now -- which is quite extensive. Subscription prices will likely increase to accounted for higher overhead but I will do my best to keep things reasonable and affordable.

5i's promises to fulfill any outstanding orders asap. If you still have an unresolved situation as of April 3, contact us at the above link. Always give us as much information as possible so we can help you properly.

The ability to put in new orders for 5i's video tapes is going to be severely limited for quite some time. We are going to be taking over the duplication and shipping and order-taking of 5i's videos/DVDs but we do not have the master tapes yet. The current sales page will need to be shut down since these orders cannot be fulfilled with the level of service required. Master tapes are being shipped to us in small batches. Each production requires several days work to prepare for selling through our system, so we are going to build up the collection again, from the ground up over the course of the next year or so.

In the meantime, we have videos in similar genres available here:

Nude Beach and Public Nudity videos/DVDs at CoccoVision

Candid Beach Sex Videos by Rafian (aka Watcher)

Sex-in-Public Videos on CoccoSpice (new and growing fast)

5i's videos will first appear on one or more of these pages until such time as we have enough to warrant a page of his own.

To those of you who are curious, 5i's himself is okay but requires some extended leave of absence. He will likely be back with some level of involvement in the future.

Friday, March 26, 2004

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