log-in failure-YES-me too; my fault, me bad!

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Posted by alias on August 15, 2007 at 11:45:04:

In Reply to: Re: log-in failure-YES-me too READ ME posted by COCCO on August 14, 2007 at 07:33:35:

Well i got in after i typed it correctly as in >>> [entering the captcha letters in the image correctly (case sensitive)] i was typing all lowercase, sorry. most things i have come accross are not case sensitive...lol so its my fault and not the way it is set-up. me-bad! maybe as an idea, it might mention right here next to it that it is ...well case sensitive? just a thought.

COCCO-keep up the great work, we love ya!
yes we all really do! would we say it if it wasnt true?

: Thanks!

: We are working on ways to make it possible to display the images in a smaller size for all the folks who still have little monitors. Please hang in there!

: We will also have a feature that will allow you to download the whole gallery to your computer. Then you can view the images any way you want. Some people prefer this.

: About the captcha security image -
: Let me explain why it is better to have it, but also know that we are working on making it easier to deal with. So please hang in there with us. If you are not getting in and you know you are entering the captcha letters in the image correctly (case sensitive) then chances are there is a problem with your password and you would have this problem anyway. Please contact us through support as you would normally. Here is the important part: probably the reason your login does not work is because hackers cracked your login and made it available to thousands of people. Our security software killed it to protect the system. Most modern membership websites now use the new type of login system with a captcha image because it is, on the whole, much more difficult to take advantage of. So, over time, you the customer, will have less problem with your login dying on you suddenly. Also, if it does, you will be able to get a new login within moments using your email address. We don't have this yet, but it is coming. So although at the moment some of you find it an annoyance to type in the captcha letters, eventually it will lead to a smoother experience. I have asked my programmers to allow you to bypass that step if you are logging in from the same computer within some time frame, like maybe 2 weeks, so hopefully this improvement will come soon.

: So we are listening to you and will work to make things as smooth as possible.

: Do tell us anything that is a problem for you, but I'd appreciate it if you do it in a manner that is not dismissive of the whole project. That is not helpful.

: thanks for all your support!



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