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Posted by BeachBum on August 08, 2007 at 17:08:45:

In Reply to: Re: Lighthouse Beach posted by frankie nuts on August 08, 2007 at 08:01:28:

While I go to SH dozens of times throughout the summer, I try to make 1 trip out to Lighthouse beach. This past Sunday was the day. I really didn't notice a significant difference in the male/female ratio. For a Sunday is was comparable to SH's Sundays. Seemed like a lot of regulars hang out in the area directly in front of the main wooden walkway to the beach. I did notice a lot of clothed teenagers walking along the beach all day long....seems they walk from the main Robert Moses beach east to some other beach I guess. Seen a decent number of females just topless also. One other non-nude point....the flies were deadly!

If you go to SH on a regular basis, you pretty much know who the regulars are, who the assholes are, etc., which I'm sure is true at Lighthouse too. I've never seen or had a problem with any gay cruisers. There is a large gay area at the south end of the beach which you can easily avoid by staying at the center or north end.

At SH on the weekdays, you'll always have groups of young girls there, rarely on weekends. It's a shame they'll always be voy'd up close and personal, cause it freaks them out. Observe from a distance, if you must. It's funny, but the worst thing that can happen to you is to have a few girls arrive, sit right near you and get naked. No sooner do you go backe to your reading, but to look up a few minutes later and see you are now totally surrounded by single dudes. Guys just scrambling from their spots now moving in all around the girls. Well, your good luck now turns into a disaster zone. The girls get freaked, probably put their bottoms back on, maybe even leave. Happens all the times.

Oh well.....such is life at the nude beach. Actually, if you wait until after Labor Day, when the lifeguards are gone for the season, and you still have a good few more weeks of beach weather, things mellow out a good bit. The beach takes on a new character with a lot less of the die-hard pervs. Makes for some relaxing perv free beach time with a lot of first time nude beach-goers attending, as tan lines are all over the place. Give it a shot after Labor Day, I'll bet you'll be more impressed.

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