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Posted by riverslug on June 23, 2007 at 14:53:18:

In Reply to: Black's Beach erections posted by Dominic on June 23, 2007 at 13:41:16:

: Regarding the Wrecks Beach erections:
: My first experience at a nude beach was at Black's last Labor Day weekend. I was back there Memorial Day and again last Sunday. Each of those times I have seen lots of erections, so I don't understand the responses to the Wrecks Beach discussion that suggest that this is both rare and in poor taste at nude sites. I haven't seen any sexual activity, but the erections seemed to be taken in stride. Most of what I have observed has been guys who were with a girl, and neither appeared to be taking any special notice of his erection. The only exception to this is a guy last Sunday who was being teased (willingly) by three clothed girls whose focus was clearly his penis. Without touching him, they were encouraging an erection and he was complying and performing for them. None of the erections I have seen struck me as belonging to some lonely perv. Because I am new to the nude scene, I was particularly impressed by the acceptance of erections as just part of being free and natural. Maybe some of you who seem to be a little uptight about this need to reevaluate and lighten up.

First off, the responses to the Wreck thread were dead on. Second, Blacks is not your typical nude beach. I have not been to Blacks in a while, but when I have been in the past, I have seen guys jerking off regularly. This doesn't happen at Wreck.

This thread and the other one about Wreck seem to be written by people wishing that erections would become acceptable and commonplace at nude beaches. They are not and shouldn't be. This is not an uptight attitude. When erections and sexual activity become widely known at a particular beach, that beach becomes in danger of getting shut down by the authorities. It has happened. Nude beaches are perpetually under attack by a determined minority that will use any excuse to shut it down. There are other reasons as well. For these beaches to have a future, they need to be accessible to all age groups. Sexual activity is not appropriate on beaches where there are children present. Also, overall attendance will drop as regular beach goers out to enjoy the sunshine will go elsewhere.

Its interesting that you mentioned Blacks. Blacks was a much better beach before the erections and jerking off became fairly common. Its attendance is way down compared to twenty years ago. Singling it out as though it is more "progressive" and the wave of the future ignores its history and the sad fact that it is a shadow of its former self.


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