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Posted by Brad on April 27, 2007 at 02:16:36:

In Reply to: Questions about nude beaches posted by Dominic on April 20, 2007 at 23:04:30:

Having been to many nude beaches, including Blacks and San Onofre, here's my read:

: 1.) Is it really safe to leave your clothes unattended? What if someone steals them?

I once ran across a guy at San Onofre (north of Blacks) who was completely nude, went walking down the beach, and someone walked off with his backpack and clothes. He had nothing. He had left his wallet in the clove box of his car. I gave him an old pair of sweats I had, and he used my cell to call a locksmith.

But that's very rare. Regardless, at *any* public beach you run the risks of things being stolen. I will sometimes get to know my neighbors at the beach, and, ask them to keep an eye on my stuff.

: 2.) Is there a practical way to keep my keys with me without holding them in my hand? Where do I put my money?

I only take a few dollars as there's those guys that sell beer and softdrinks (illegaly). Leave ALL valuables in your glove box, or better yet, your trunk. I sometimes leave my keys wadded up in my underwear. For whatever reason, no one likes to fondle my underwear...they avoid it...go figure.

: 3.) I expected someone to be on the beach selling food but there wasn't. Is that the way it always is?

Only beer vendors, and they aren't always there. There are never food vendors.

: 4.) Does anyone know of a cheap place to spend the night near Black's? Maybe a YMCA?

Your best bet is Motel 6, where you can get a room for under $60. The Internet will show you places. San Diego is very expensive during warm seasons, and hotels can jack the price up. Don't spend the night on the beach as you will get a ticket in the morning, which costs as as much as a night at the Hyatt.

: 5.) How concerned do I need to be about the perpetual boner I had? I saw others, but I'm not so sure it's really OK.

I've not had a perpetual boner for 20 years..sigh...miss those days (so does my gf). Hey, relieve it before you go. And if you start to fly full mast, don't sweat it, walk in the water, roll over on your stomach.

: 6.) How do you ask a naked stranger to put sunscreen on your back?

"Will you put sunscreen on my back?"

There's a great new product which is an aerosol sunscreen spray. You can get them for about $6 at Walmart. You can spray your own back with it, depending upon your girth.

: 7.) When does the season actually begin at Black's?

I went in February on a warm day. It's started.

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