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Posted by SandPiper on April 22, 2007 at 17:39:17:

Made my first visit to Sandy Hook today. The weather was reportede to be mid to upper 70's in the city. Got to the beach at around 9:30am and the weather could not be better. No wind, every now and then a slight breeze from the west. At around noon-ish the wind started coming off the ocean and things changed quickly. Although the sun was still booming some people were starting to cover up due to that ocean breeze. Anyone who's been to SH knows how that is early in the season.

Conditions have not improved much since the end of last season. The boardwalk from the bathroom area down through the sand is pretty beat up. I think a good chuck of the end of it is missing. Halfway down the boardwalk the "lake" starts. What you do is walk the boardwalk until reaching this "lake" then take a quick right and pretty much walk the full length of the beach, in front of the dunes, to pretty much where the exit is for emergency vehicles, what used to be the gay area. So just like at the end of last season the main part of the beach is what used to be the gay section. I'm sure people will shift back to the left when the larger crowds start coming.

All in all it was a good few hours. Easily 100's of folks out there sunning. No snack bar on the beach yet, no volleyball net either and of course no lifeguards until Memorial weekend. Any questions or whathave you, just fire away.

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