to john about shoot topless females

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Posted by An0nym0us on April 22, 2007 at 12:33:42:

Topless and so very nice, oh yes I dabble in filming topless females at a beach location. When I started I was using 35MM SLR, since then I went into video and that was with a VHS camcorder. Those were the days, bigass cameras. Now they so small and have a lot of telescoping features we didn't have back then, well not without large lenses. Well I got down to my small mini-dv which is of much higher quality and camera is tiny compared to the first one.
As far as your question, and the police. I had a few run-ins with them and there is nothing that they can do, cept. To try an intimidate and with me they fail bad! I get also from subjects, fingers and few BF's that say. Don't aim that this way anymore. Ya right! So that about it, let me know what has happened to you when you try to shoot.
1. At the topless beach I shoot in the open, well in that everyone that wants to look can see my mini-dv.
2. At the nude beach at Haulover I hide the camera, but I have been busted a few times and I just move or leave, whatever at the time I decide to do. They cant chase you off the beach, not even at Haulover.

so the answer is, NO! no one may shoot you [legally,with a pistol] for filming at a public beach in the USA. now they may shoot you with a camcorder, that would be legal, and you may not be pissed and tell them to stop.

and oh ya, hello grinder.

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