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Posted by Hotfoot on April 21, 2007 at 00:32:04:

In Reply to: Re: Questions about nude beaches posted by Artiztik on April 20, 2007 at 23:40:40:

: Years ago I once dropped a wallet that fell from my clothing on a California beach, retraced my steps but never found it, had to prove my identity by phone to my bank, from their branch office, to get enough cash released to get myself home to Tucson, AZ. I spoke to a helpful police officer who said on ANY beach it is best to leave all money, ID, credit cards, etc. locked in your car trunk, and even hidden in the trunk, carry only a single car key to the beach on a secure chain/cord around your neck.(Not good if you are in heavy surf)

I don't know Blacks beach at all, but at Gunnison Beach (in New Jersey), I find that there is qutie a community there, and leaving my things unatended for short periods is no trouble, especially if I just ask someone who is obviously not going anywhere to keep an eye on it. I doubt any textile beach is nearly as friendly.

: Regarding clothing left on the beach, wear only the minimum you need to return to parking area, and keep it dont take $100 shoes to the beach. Wear stuff no one would want. But I have never had anyone bothering my stuff on any beach. It never hurts to get acquainted with someone nearby enough to ask them to keep an eye on your stuff if you are away, and do the same for them.

Another point to add here would be: in a CO beach, your clothes will be sitting on the sand without you - therefore, they will accumulate quite a bit of sand!

I've never found a good way to hold onto keys, except my backpack. Tempting as it may be to any thief, I've not been witness to that happening at any beaches I've been to. I have, however helped someone find their keys that they had dropped in the sand and didn't realize for at least a half an hour.

As for your "perpetual boner", I'd take a dip in the cold water to loose that. WIth experience at a CO beach, this problem should - er - reduce? First times are always exciting, but if you're sporting one as you walk around, you won't be making very many friends. Especially if you're looking for someone to help with the sunscreen.

Enjoy this beach season!

- Hotfoot

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