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Posted by COCCO on November 30, 2006 at 08:13:00:

In Reply to: Search Function posted by Punani on November 29, 2006 at 20:16:30:

: When will the search function be updated. Two and a half years have now passed, so essentially 2 and a half years of photos we are unable to view.
: Please advise, and get it up and running soonest!

Hi Punani

I share your frustration, and I will explain what is going on in that regard.

But first of all I want to make sure everyone understands that you are not prevented from seeing anything since you can browse on the site by year and you can also see all of a particualar contributor's galleries by following their link near the bottom of any of their galleries. What you cannot do is search for "Fantasy Fest" for example and see ALL those galleries using that function.

What we need to is enter the thousands and thousands of galleries into a new database. Each gallery has to have a form filled in with a long string of bits of information.:

Contributor Name
Name of gallery
Place, by continent, country, region, city
Name of Place (like the beach name or the venue name)
Type of place (beach, park, street etc)
Event name
Type of event
Date(s) of event (database has a list of when it happened every year)
Date of Shooting (if known)
Gallery Type (carnival, nudism etc)
gallery rating (topfree, nude.. ,etc)
Date gallery first shown
Male/Female ratio in the images
List of keywords describing the gallery

After a year of on and off work, one of my programmers has made a program to assist in the process of converting all the hard-coded galleries into database form. A person still has to manually look at each gallery and decide if we are going to keep the gallery (the old crappy ones with small images are going bye-bye), they have to decide if all or some of the images will be kept, and they have to complete all the infomation above. The program that does this is more or less complete with a few bugs. We cannot start converting until we complete something else...

Another programmer is creating a program that will automate the display of galleries and images from a database. So contributors will be able to upload images on their own Cocco page and after that we do everything on-line in a database. Galleries are prepared and cued up by date well in advance. You will be able to see when your galleries are slated to go live. And new galleries will be automatically posted every day. Getting this program to work is months of aggrevation, working out the bugs. We have something that is basically functional right now, but the details of how the database functions and proper display of the pages is still being worked on and will take a few months more. Once this part of it works we will go live and NEW galleries will be displayed the new way. Old galleries will still show up they way they do now for a while.

Next we have to make sure the program that converts the old galleries is feeding into the new database properly, then we can start adding the old galleries into it. How long do you think it will take to go through the old galleries one by one and work on them? There are thousands of them. A search engine, to be complete, would need ALL the old galleries converted. I shutter to think how long it will take to completely convert everything.

But once it is all working it will be great. You can search for just about anything. Maybe you only want to see everything from Germany, or only beaches in Germany, or only Parks in Germany. Or maybe you only want to see Biker party type events in the USA in a given year. Maybe you only want to see galleries that have more than 20% male nudity. Maybe you want to see a listing of all galleries that have an image of a girl smoking a cigarette somewhere in the gallery. See what I mean?

So the point is, it is not just a matter of making a search engine. That is the easy part. The seach engine needs something to seach and that is what we do not have right now. We could install a goggle-type search engine that looks at the text on the old pages, but you would get an unclear mess of results. I don't know how useful it would be. And to create and install that would probably take a month or two, precious time we would be taking away from the real task at hand.

Included in the overall re-vamp are many other features.

1) Login password system will be different and more secure. If your login stops working you will be able to have new one emailed to you on the spot. Again, this is not something easily implimented since people got their logins from a variety of sources, ccbill, verotel, manually and a bunch more, all different databases. Getting it all into one database accurately and having it function with current accuracy is maddening. This alone has been a 2 year programming nightmare with different programmers starting and stopping and new ones not understanding what the old ones did and starting over again etc etc. It is a wonder I have any hair left on my head.

2) We will have "myspace" type features. Imagine the possibilities.

3) We will have "CoccoBeans". These are points you earn and can be redeemed for subscription time, DVDs etc.

There's more stuff, but I'm running out of steam and have to get out of the house and get to work.

Hope all that helps give you a perspective on the behind the scenes.


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