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Posted by dreamer on November 06, 2006 at 20:18:58:

In Reply to: Re: Photozella - A slightly different take! posted by Nomad on November 06, 2006 at 09:38:10:

: : Yes, indeed. this is a birth of something to what shape it will take who knows. I for one am excited about it and think its a great idea, i might have said that before and still believe it very much so. As of the posed shots. you might get a few of alot of different shots, posed and not posed, but knowing the camera is there doesnt matter if the photography is of a certain level of quality and I think I know we will get both at that level and perhaps even higher, I think this is a very important factor in doing this along with many other factors that are also important. I am not going to name them here, I am sure if I can figure it out, others can also. Who knows, we may create an awareness that wasnt there before, and where that may lead. Well, call me a dreamer.

: Thank you "dreamer", as I think you have the right attitude. I think there are lots of people at the sidelines who feel they may be interested in Photozella but want to wait and see what happens before they participate. The outcome of Photozella-2 will now allow me to re-create into something clearer and more definite in its intentions and hopefully the base group of participants and potential participants will grow over time.

: Starting work on re-making and planning Photozella-3 is taking time to get to because I am still organizing the hundreds of images sent in by photographers. Every person who participated gets their own CD of images of themselves (and a select cross-section set). Compiling these is taking me W-E-E-K-S. I never imagined how much work it is. And as I go along I have been feeding image sets to Cocco. So far Cocco has posted less than 10% of all the images I have. And the best are yet to come. I am almost done with this phase of the process.

: So soon I will start planning out how to proceed for future events. Any suggestions are welcome.

: -Nomad

as it was mentioned, it would not be so good if too many were shooting at one time, there wouldnt be many in the pics but females as it seems to have turned out, but not seeing but only about 10% ill stop there for now. Perhaps like someone said, to try and get more females shooting, but again perhaps its easier said then done. Perhaps males that take turns shooting and posing, maybe that would work? I mean even if your shooting, after awhille even I would want a break from shooting. about the things that go on at photozella, I am sure no, with all that are here in the hot-tub, we could and will come up with things that others havent thought of yet. One thing i dont seem to have seen there yet, wel at the nudie beach i go to sometimes, someone puts up a kite or two, or even maybe we could get one jetski to start and see where that goes. maybe if the water is calm enough, maybe a float or two, they make em in all kindsa shapes and sizes, also it seems i didnt see any beachballs, and that sort of thing, etc. just a few ideas for now.

still just a dreamer!

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