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Posted by Sun Sand Man on October 31, 2006 at 11:35:29:

First off, I'm not writing this to create dissention or arguments; rather, I'm just trying to provide a different view of the Photozella events.

While the pictures are nice and the coverage of the event is widespread, it's a little bit deceiving to label Photozella galleries "nudism." The fact that the participants are aware of the cameras and sign releases (I think) makes this a professional photo shoot, not a true candid beach situation. If you go back over all the other "nudism" labeled galleries, you'll notice that they are very different than the Photozella one's (notably with the exception of some of the nudist olympic and controversial nudist pageant galleries). One of the things that I've relied upon here at Cocco's is the proper labeling of galleries...nothing is more frustrating than visiting other/lesser sites and clicking on "beach" or "nudist" links only to find staged situations/models/awareness of the camera. In otherwords, nudist photography has generally been about candidness and unawareness of the camera's presence. Again, this is not to say that the Photozella photos are not a good thing. But they are not really nudism, as we've come to expect it from a voyeur point of view, are they? It's more inline with public events, like NAP or motorcycle rallies or even Spencer Tunic shoots.

Does anyone else feel similar?

Sun & Sand Man

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