Nude Beaches on O'ahu, Hawaii

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Posted by Christopher on September 01, 2006 at 17:07:27:


I moved to Hawaii having never visited the place before. The thought circulating in my head was that I'd finally live in a open place where people would be cool about nudity outdoors. Much to my dismay that dream proved to be only a hope. However I didn't let it change my feelings about getting out doors and getting naked. For a few years now I have enjoyed going to a few spots here on O'ahu, frequenting one more than the others, and have been lucky to have missed the hand full of police actions to round up nudists. In every police action, that involved many officers, horses, ATV's and even a helicopter patrol the total count of offenders arrested where no more than 8 or 10 folks! I'd really like to know how much public money is spent on such raids and how the government can justify the waste of man power and funds. Well one argument is developement. On O'ahu the realestate market (it's said to be the " New Malibu ") has exploded and in particular the last real threat to green spaces, mainly the North Shore which is so well known for " being Country ", has arrived. O'ahu hasn't the open spaces it used to have and the population has traditionally sought the North Shore for relief from the concrete jungles to the south and the sprawls in every direction. One would think that nudity and green perspectives would be paramount in the minds and hearts of the local inhabitants here but unfortunately there isn't any organization thereof from the people here, only apathy and resignation ruling the day.

In the years that i have enjoyed the beach nude I have met wonderful people and some strange ones too but hey one should expect to meet all sorts especially in the nude setting. On the whole the nude folks I have met have ranged in ages from less than a year old through in to their 60's. I have been happy to see whole families, who are not visitors, together as well couples and individuals. Often I have been the only person on the beach and never is it crowed by any stretch of the imagination. As for folks who don't like being nude or folks finding themselves in company with nude bathers everyone has always found a happy medium and enjoyed the place together, now that's the spirit we all ought to find with others everywhere...especially today!

I'll go to the beach today despite seeing one scowled faced police officer driving down the road on his ATV heading for the beaches. One thing about the Hawaii police on O'ahu they generally have this most un-agreeable expression on their faces as if to instill fear in the pubilc eye. It is very counter productive police work, not even the cops in NYC look as pissed off as they do here which is a terrrible reflection on the job itself. Someone ought to really give this depeartment a major lesson in dealing with the public, I should know I have had years of professional experience with cops and firefighters.

The reason I keep doing what I do is because it is an expression of living in the fullest and I find the refreshing in ways no other activity can produce, surfing is like that too. And as for adult lifestyle nudity is a kind of big kid play and yet very childlike, and it is an act that preserves our youth through it's uninhibited reality...something children have and loose but should not.

Well that's it and the sun is bright out there so you know where I'm heading!

Happy nudism!



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