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Posted by blake on September 13, 2004 at 03:00:32:

In Reply to: Re: Erections on Nude Beaches posted by Jack on September 11, 2004 at 19:09:52:

: : : I recently experienced a clothing optional beach called Wreck beach in our great city of Vancouver, B.C. & was pleasantly suprised to see how comfortable people are / were being semi clothed or completely nude. I am a male in my mid 30's & after about an hour of being there wearing a bathing suit, I had worked up the nerve to take them off! I was a little uncomfortable at first to say the least & after a few minutes, I was horrified to find that I became fully erect & stayed that way for the most of my day there. I felt the need to stay on my stomach as I felt like a bit of a pervert or something!!! from what I saw, the males on the beach were not in the same state as I was. Can anyone tell me how erections are looked upon in a situation like this??? Is there something wrong with me??? Help!!!

: : If I could not get the tingle of at least a partial erection on the nude beaches, it would greatly decrease the fun of the beach for me. I always have at least a partial and usually have a full erection. The guys don't mind, and some really like it, but I am not into that. The ladies seem to really love it, and if they don't, they just look the other way. Getting erections on the beach make the beach so much more pleasurable than the clubs and nudist resorts that so ofter highly discourage erections. Erections are as natural as non erections, so let it happen and enjoy it.

: I have been visiting a California nude beach for years and always get an erection when I'm there. I make no attempt to hide it as I consider it to be a completely natural state of affairs. Most women must agree because I get alot of appreciative smiles! I think as long as you don't start jerking off in front of them a boner here and there is ok. Having an erection at the beach and not hiding it gives an incredible feeling of sensual freedom. On one occasion I noticed a woman in her mid-thirties watching me. I was laying on my back with an erection in full view. I could tell that she was a newbie at the beach and very much enjoying the sensations of being nude in public for the first time. The whole situation got me pretty hot and before you know it I was staring to throb. I ended up ejaculating all over my belly just from this woman looking at me and smiling (I never even touched myself). It was an incredible feeling and she seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did.

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