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Posted by Dr. So-Cal on September 01, 2004 at 00:41:50:

In Reply to: Re: Of course not posted by george bush on August 31, 2004 at 22:58:47:

and that my why i am a proud republican.

: : We did not go to More Mesa, but we did go to another beach today and had mind-blowing sex out in the open, had not one complaint, but many compliments and thanks from those who enjoyed our unihibited "antics".

: : But I do appreciate your desire to keep the beach you like non-sexual in light of the consequences of vociferous complaints of sexual activity. We always try to measure our activities to meet the standards of the place we are whether that means not undressing at regular beaches,

: In my experience the gay crusiers who oftern inhabit the bushs of many beachs have far less comman sense about where to have sex in the open then your average exhibitionist hetro couple. IMO as long as you arent doing it in the presence of people who would be offended and complain, it doesnt hurt anyone. If you have a discreet spot where no one can sneak up on you and the only people around are men who are already staring at you, i say go wild. The cops should care more about the gay men who do it on the only trail to the beach, and the parking lot etc. Thats the kind of place someone really could stumble on you accidentally. I dont care if the gays have giant orgies, as long as i dont see it. But i cant act surprised if i go to the gay section of the beach and encounter an act of man love. If you are a couple/or female on a long deserted stretch of beach chances are that the people who sit right near you are looking at you anyway. Hard to see that demographic getting upset at public sex.
: I cant stand the self rightous naked vigalantes who see you putting lotion on your GF and run up and give you a lecture on beach etiquitte (sp). Thanks for the pamplet but i like puting sunscreen on her butt, if you dont like it, dont look. I can avoid looking at the old saggy nudists, you can avoid looking at us. I never sit anywhere near a family anyway, in fact the beachs i go to rarley have them anyway. I think the people who pretend to be upset by beach sex are the biggest voyeurs. You saw a hot woman, gawked, and pretended to be shocked when she had sex. Most of the naked viglantes are the biggest pervs, "yeah come sit near me baby i will keep you safe from those gawkers". Same story all the time.
: I see clothed people groping each other in public, i don't tell them "get a room", especially when its 2:30 AM outside a bar. There is a time and place for everything and sometimes sex on a beach is ok.

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