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Posted by beachycpl on August 31, 2004 at 08:21:50:

In Reply to: Re: Santa Barbara beaches on week days posted by MoreMesa on August 30, 2004 at 17:50:09:

Of course the experience isn't that important to us that we would risk the enjoyment of the beach for the rest of you. That's why I put the question forth.

But let's be honest about one thing - the "pervs" don't need sex on the beach to congregate above the beaches - they do it for the same reason most people viewing this site (as opposed to a family naturist site) do so - they like to surreptitiously look at nude women. By virtue of the fact that you are on this site which is largely built on the efforts of "pervs" to get pictures of nude women in nature who have not solicited the fame gained on these pages, and in fact are to some extent perhaps victimized (depending on how they would feel knowing someone was selling memberships to a site in which secreted images of their nude bodies are the commodity), surely you can see that there are degrees of latitude here.

We did not go to More Mesa, but we did go to another beach today and had mind-blowing sex out in the open, had not one complaint, but many compliments and thanks from those who enjoyed our unihibited "antics".

But I do appreciate your desire to keep the beach you like non-sexual in light of the consequences of vociferous complaints of sexual activity. We always try to measure our activities to meet the standards of the place we are whether that means not undressing at regular beaches, not drinking alcohol in a mosque, not speaking loudly in a library, though all those actions might be appropriate elsewhere. But again, that is why I posed the question in the first place.

But we love sex on the beach. Public nudity and public sex are both illegal (as is bringing your pet to most beaches). We will continue to look for places to enjoy uninhibited sexual union outdoors among those who appreciate it, the same way you will look for a new clothing optional beach should the web-site "documentarians" raise the interest of law enforcement personnel, the same way dog owners look for ways of spending time with the pooch in the surf. Thanks for the respectful request, though. I hope it will guide others to act appropriately with the common good in mind.

: As a SB resident and a user of More Mesa during the week, I would like to respectfully to ask you folks to take your sexual antics elsewhere. If it is not already obvious to you, clothing optional beaches enjoy a tenous status in SB county. Summerland and Bates are now gone. Mostly this is due to the pervs congregating above the beaches. More Mesa is pretty much free of this activity because of the long walk.

: So come and enjoy the clothes free beach that More Mesa is, but kindly don't have sex on the beach. You could easily ruin a wonderful clothing optional beach. Is the experience that important to you that you would risk the enjoyment of the beach for the rest of us?

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