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Posted by Hardboy_FTL on August 29, 2004 at 01:24:01:

In Reply to: Review of Key West posted by Kevin on August 05, 2004 at 15:46:31:

Naked Lunch - I just got back from Key West for a quick little sanity getaway. I sauntered into Naked Lunch and was floored by the sight of this beautiful young lady tending bar named Talia. Suddenly I was hungry! She took my order and I went to the restroom to take a leak. When I returned to my bar stool I quickly dropped my baggy shorts (all I was wearing) and she informed me that they are only topless now that the city code enforcer is on the warpath. Strange for me, but I felt self-conscious as I pulled on my shorts again.

Anyway, Talia is their secret weapon. She is lovely, has a great smile and a very fun, friendly personality. I was worried that they might not make it, but after spending some time with Talia and talking with everyone there I have a sneaking suspicion that they will make it.

Garden of Eden - "I love this bar". What else can you say about sitting at a bar completely nude sharing drinks with a lovely young lady? My first time there was during Spring Break and it was lookee-loo central. This time there were quite a few attractive younger couples dancing, sometimes nude, other times they were dressed depending on the atmosphere of the crowd at the moment; all in all a more mature attitude than Spring Break. Also, a group of English women came in on their Hen Night, which is their name for a bachelorette party. The mother of the groom was at the end of their group coming up the steps and I heard her let out a quick shriek as she saw my naked butt on the bar stool. But then they all came up and talked to me and we had a great time with that.

The Garden of Eden is VICIOUS about taking photos there and if the large bouncers see you with a cellular phone that has a camera you are taking the quick exit, do not pass go, do not collect any money. Although Talia told me that if a guy gets an erection he is supposed to put on his pants, that didn't stop me while I was sitting at the bar with a discrete boner. Just don't play around with someone out in the open. They just don't want their liquor license yanked and I guess a hard cock turns them into an adult business or something.

Atlantic Shores - I got there when they first opened just after 9 and only wanted to stay until the Sun hit my shaded lounge chair. As I saw the rather attractive mixed crowd building I decided I could force myself to stay longer. I ended up leaving around 5 PM and the crowd turned over a couple times during that period. There was Couples Fest in town and I'm pretty sure some of the attendees were at the Shores pool that day. Lots of eye candy and a mostly friendly bunch. I think if you are sitting around the immediate pool area that you can walk to the pool naked; the bottoms up rule applies to those on the pier walking to the bar or pool.

So there is still fun to be had in Key West. It's not the same kind of fun as years gone by, but fun nonetheless.


: Garden of Eden
: I canít say enough about this place... it was absolutely phenomenal.

: Atlantic Shores
: Atlantic Shores is not a clothing optional hotel but does have a clothing optional pool. It is largely populated with alternative couples but we had a great time.

: Naked Lunch
: This place is fairly new and is on a side street off of Duval. I went in their four times at varying times of day and night and never saw more than 10 people in the bar at once with zero nudity. I think this place is really struggling to get anybody, let alone naked people. At night they had people on the street giving out fliers for free drinks and they still couldn't get a crowd. I wouldn't expect this place to be there long but it's worth a visit if you're in that area (it's one block down from the Garden).

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