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Posted by Southern Exposure on August 27, 2004 at 23:54:52:

In Reply to: Re: Erections posted by helen on August 27, 2004 at 17:52:37:

Hope I didn't leave a negative impression of nude beaches in the US. The example I sited in another string isn't necessarily common place, and certainly in California there are countless official and unofficial nude beaches along the coast, each with their own personality. Even at Baker Beach, which is a very mainstream nude beach in San Francisco (practically underneath the Golden Gate Bridge!) and the one I used previously for my example of a 'bad perv experience', there can be upwards of 1000 naked bodies on a hot summer weekend, and generally a very good, youngish, hip, attractive, alternative bunch with a good vibe. Guess the odd bad experience just stands out in memory sometimes over the hundreds of good experiences!

The one quirk California had in terms of hard core gawking is a significant latino (mexican, central american) presence; my guess is that after immigrating from what was likely a strict catholic upbringing, they just can't believe their fucking eyes that white women will strip off at the beach in public! The usual pattern is a group of 5 or so young mexicans strolling down the beach *fully* clothed (aren't they dying from the heat?) or perched on the rocks/bluffs/etc. just content to stare at the nude women. That said, they generally keep to themselves and I've never seen them pose a physical threat to anyone.

Please don't be put off on nude beaches in the US by my earlier post, in California at least there are plenty of beautiful beaches that draw a young, hip, good looking uninhibited crowd, particularly around university towns. There are also some brilliant developed and undeveloped hot springs around the state, some of which are in just phenominal locales for a soak, and a few of which I've had some great risque nude interactions (probably due to the intimate nature of the springs, and perhaps a bit of spliff that had gone around to help reduce inhibitions!).

Bottom line is: I think if you want to *consistently* be comfortable and have a fun day at a nude beach, it helps to just not give a shit who's looking at you, be it like-minded nudies, curious tourists, or more unsavory gawkers.

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