Problem with generalization

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Posted by Brad on August 27, 2004 at 17:54:27:

In Reply to: Turning the tables - Female exhibitionism? posted by Southern Exposure on August 26, 2004 at 12:27:53:

It is so very common to hear "what do women think about...?". I dated a black woman once, and she used to chuckle about how white people would ask her "What do black people think about....?" She laughed when she told me "How the hell would I know?"

I've talked to probably hundreds of women about this very subject. There is only one answer I can draw, they are all different.

Some profess that looking between their legs is against the intent of social nudism, it is not about sexuality, yadda, yadda, and they aren't exhibitionists. Some even feign the attitude that such a consideration that women are sexually aroused is an affront and typical male attitude that must have sex in everything we do.

Others tell you they go to nude beaches *because* it sexually arouses them to be naked with men looking at them. I have seen numerous occaissions wherein a woman will see I am casting a probing look at her vagina, she then turns towards me with a smile, and spreads her legs overly wide as if saying "here, look!!"...and it is not a sarcastic thing she is doing, she is letting me know she enjoys my looks and encourages them.

I have twice seen women that after they caught my attention (and no one else's), spread their legs and openly pee for me to watch...some women enjoy a man watching them pee. And I have seen the same thing occur on several occaissions when upon they knew I was looking at their vagina, they begin to masturbate letting me watch.

And then there are the women I've seen that enjoy giving their boyfriend a blow job, or even having open sex in front of others watching, clearing enjoying that aspect.

No, this didn't happen all in the same day. It has occurred over the past 20 years that I have gone to probably 30 different nude beaches and resorts in the US and elsewhere.

Women are a 31 Flavors in how they view these things, and not only do they have different attitudes amongst themselves, they reserve the right to have different attitudes themselves depending on the scenario, guy and time of month.

: Don't want to labour the old 'arousal at the beach' topic that's been pretty well covered as of late, but I have never encountered any correspondence about whether women indulge in a little harmless exhibitionism at nude beaches (or any other public nude venue really).

: There's been a lot of chatter about erections at beaches, and some great (refreshingly honest) sentiment about just let em run their course. Clearly a lot of men (myself included) enjoy the latent exhibitionistic nature of nude beaches, and enjoy the excitement of having women casting a glance (or lingering gaze, perhaps) at their aroused or semi-aroused penises, and apparently some women (including a few who post here) enjoy catching a peek at an aroused penis at the beach as well, when the opportunity 'arises' (okay, crap pun). As long as appropriate boundaries are maintained, it's just a harmless and fun form of flirting.

: However, let's turn the tables: what do women think about men catching a glance between their legs? Granted women's plumbing doesn't protrude like a man's, but an aroused vagina does show some outward evidence of arousal (swelling, protrusion of labia and clitoris, visible wetness), and clearly a lot of men love to catch a clear view as this website will attest to! In 10 years of nude beaching, I've encountered very few women who are comfortable laying out in mixed nude company with their knees far enough apart to have their vagina on clear display. However, the number of well groomed or totally shaved vaginas on nude beaches these days would suggest that at least some of these women are happy to be in clear view. Do the women posting to this site ever indulge in advertising their aroused state at a nude beach (as many men do)? Do you ever intentionally part your legs a tad when a good looking guy walks by to see if you can make him look? Have you ever gone as far as to reposition yourself at the beach to expose yourself to a strapping young neighbour to see if you can get his attention? Would you be more inclined to do so in certain situations over others? I'd be interested to know if this is truly just a men's game, or if women enjoy a little genital exhibitionism as well...

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