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Posted by Southern Exposure on August 26, 2004 at 12:51:54:

Probably a long shot, but thought I'd canvas the Cocco crowd for any good nude tips for the Sydney, Australia area. I'm a transplant from San Fran, and have come to realise and miss the 'abundance' of great nude recreation in California. I've found a few good nude beaches here, with a good mixed crowd and reasonably low on hard core gawkers and overt pervs (just makes for a generally more relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere all around). However, I haven't managed to find a substitute for the 'hot spring' venues like Harbin or Orr. Now clearly geology plays a hand here, as the lack of tectonic activity on Aussie shores precludes the presence of thermal springs, but you don't actually need hot water bubbling up from the earth to develop a retreat like the two I mentioned (unless you think the spring water provides the energy, maaaaaaaan...)

Does anyone know of any good nude retreats in the Sydney area (or even a bit further afield) in the style of Harbin/Orr/Esalen/etc. Not really fussed about the new agey aspect, more just after a well laid out setting (pools, sauna, hot tubs, sun deck, hiking, etc) that attracts a good, young, mixed crowd (doesn't have to be exclusively 'young', but just trying to draw the distinction with the nude caravan park type places often advertised in Australia that attract a predominantly an older, retired crowd with half-arsed facilities, etc.). My wife and I would be appreciate any suggestions!

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