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Posted by Brad on August 21, 2004 at 20:37:12:

Several posts below are yet another series of enquiries from men that seem to find themselves in that old predicament of become visibly aroused while at nude beaches.


I've been in discussions with Cocco and two of the top fashion design studios in New York for fashion wear for erect penises at the beach. This new fashion line will feature garments that can be instantly donned by you and placed directly over your overly enthused member.

That's right, turn your embarrassment into a fashion statement!!

THE TEEPEE - A variation of the traditional "Pup Tent" men get when erect at the beach. While laying on your back, the TeePee can be placed instantly and directly over your protruding embarassement. It is authentically adorned with Native American symbols of fertility, inclusive of a miniature figurines depicting the battle scene for Custer's Last Stand which you can scatter about your stomach, legs and beach blanket. For a limited time we are offering tape cassettes of bugle horns that may be played concurrent to the display for a truly life-like historical depiction worthy of the History Channel.

SAND PIPER - Adorned with *authentic* sand piper feathers, this decoy covering wraps around the subject matter with a small hood and beek that fits snuggly over the head. Beach goers will stand in amazement as they wonder how you got your little aviary companion to perch so happily on your tummy!

OLD GLORY - Old Glory is perfect for American holidays such as Memorial Day, Labor Day and the 4th of July. It is essentially a miniature American flag that is hoisted at full mast on your member allowing it to wave proudly by the gentle ocean breeze. Replete with miniature ropes, it may be flown at half mast when used on a national day of mourning. Although it does not fully cover your erect mast, it will no doubt bring a tear of patriotic sentiment to the eyes of beach goers as you proudly display your American values in celebration of our national holidays. Don't be surprised if you find some saluting!!

VIAGRA ENDORSEMENT - The Viagra Endorsement protects your pride by turning your predicament into an opportunity as you advertise for your OWN male performance!!! This product is a kit that includes a large powder blue, elongated diamond-shape beach towel, an umbrella with the Pfizer logo across the top, and a cap that has printed on it "Another Viagra Success!!!" Included in the kit are Viagra pill boxes to place strategically around your towel, simulated Rolex watch and gold painted neck chains, and cologne. No cute beach bunny will pass you by!!

We will be posting some additions to this line of beach fashion wear and beach products shortly. Please feel free to offer any suggested ideas!

If you fly Southwest, you will see many of these in the on-flight Sky Mall magazine. We hope to have the full line rolled out by Christmas.

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