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Posted by tee on August 17, 2004 at 02:16:31:

In Reply to: Re: Creep at Lighthouse Beach posted by Kismet on August 12, 2004 at 20:36:01:

Lighthouse seems to be going down. Its a shame. More people need to speak up and stop this behavior. Nude should not mean rude. Afterall this is one of the first nudism beaches in America and should be keeped that way..... The last couple of years i have seeen a decline in the quality of the beach. To many perv's. Too many gawkers. If you want to perv out and gawk please go to Gunnison in NJ. That seems to be the place for that NOT Lighthouse!!! Its far to beautiful.

: There is just one creep at Lighthouse Beach?\
: I have noticed plenty, doing the "Rooster Walk". They tend to hover around the border of the clothed section, how about the African American guy who just stands at the borderline looking for clothed people to come across him. He especially likes the teenagers, my friend (a woman) saw him get rigid when he encountered three teen girls.

: Then there are the single guys with cock rings... Some of these guys that hang out there think they are the only naked people on the beach. I just want to say to them, people dont care... What drives me nuts is the fact that the entire beach could be empty, I am sitting by myself reading in a secluded patch of beach and they just have to plop themselves right down next to me... Argh!

: : Exactly! It's like he thinks it's round-up time at the ranch..go out and drag back as many girls as possible...nude preferred, of course, but if they're dressed, maybe enough alcohol will get those clothes off!

: : Guy should realize how pathetic he looks doing the exact same thing...with the exact same lines ( ex., "Don't mind me, I'm a little drunk right now" is one of his regulars)...every time he's there.

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