Review of Key West

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Posted by Kevin on August 05, 2004 at 15:46:31:

The wife and I spent a long weekend in Key West with another couple and had a great time. I thought that I'd submit a review of my experience in Key West and great places to go that are clothing optional. There are three main places; Garden of Eden, Atlantic Shores, and Naked Lunch (there are other clothing optional hotels that cater to alternative lifestyles but we did not visit these places).

Garden of Eden
I can’t say enough about this place... it was absolutely phenomenal. This is a clothing optional bar on the roof of the Bull & Whistle bar right on Duval Street (the main street in Key West). When you walk into the main bar on the first floor, it is a totally normal bar with bands and tons of people hanging around. You take the stairs up to the second floor and you find another very nice bar with pool tables. You continue up to the third level and you have the roof top clothing optional bar.

Our first night there we arrived around 11:00. The place had about 50 people on the roof with one topless female, one nude female and about five nude men... all others were fully clothed dancing, drinking and getting a good look at those naked amongst them. I proceeded to take my clothes off in the middle of the bar and spent the next two hours walking around naked amongst many many many clothed folks. The wife and the other couple did not undress. Day 2 we went back during the day but there were only about 15 people present. There was only one other lady naked so I took off my clothes and laid-out in the sun for about an hour. That evening we went back about 10:30 and stayed until about 3:00. I had an absolutely great time. Here's the deal, if you are a voyeur and just going to see naked women you're not going to have much luck. If you want to see naked men, you'll see a few. If you are an exhibitionist that likes the idea of being naked in the bar and being seen by A LOT of clothed folks, this is the place for you. I spent a couple hours standing towards the front where the stairs enter the roof. It was absolutely amazing to watch so many couples and females come in after having quite a few drinks, knowing that it's a clothing optional bar, but still their faces were priceless when they saw an attractive naked man (me;-) standing there. Some glanced and looked away, others literally stared (which was an awesome feeling) and others came right up and starting talking to me. It was a lot of fun seeing so many attractive females checking me out. You could see a lot of the girls looking / staring at you out of the corner of your eye but when you looked their way they would divert their eyes. At one point during this evening I was the only unclothed male in the place now full of well over a hundred clothed folks. Great place – a must visit!

No pictures are allowed except at the side where they have a designated space. They have bouncers that strictly enforce this policy that stand at the sides on raised platforms. I wasn't even allowed to pose willingly with at bachelorette party until I was in the designated area. They have a body painting guy up there every night as well. I would suspect that during fantasy fest the percentage of unclothed individuals increases.

Atlantic Shores
Atlantic Shores is not a clothing optional hotel but does have a clothing optional pool. It is largely populated with alternative couples but we had a great time. It's $3 to rent a chair if you are not a hotel guest and $2 for a towel. Here you'll find that 75% of the men are nude, 50% of the women are topless, and 10% of the women are nude. The ratio of men to women is fairly close to even with the men maybe making up 60% of the crowd. Very nice place with good drinks and a great location right on the water to get some sun. They have a policy that you are suppose to put your bottoms on when you leave your chair (women can keep their tops off), which has to do with a couple other hotels and a beach that are near-by being able to see you. Even though they can still see you if they want, I think Atlantic Shores doesn’t want it to be "in your face" obvious. Great place and a much better place to lay-out during the day than Garden of Eden (but the Garden is the place to go when the sun goes down).

Naked Lunch
This place is fairly new and is on a side street off of Duval. I went in their four times at varying times of day and night and never saw more than 10 people in the bar at once with zero nudity. I think this place is really struggling to get anybody, let alone naked people. At night they had people on the street giving out fliers for free drinks and they still couldn't get a crowd. I wouldn't expect this place to be there long but it's worth a visit if you're in that area (it's one block down from the Garden).

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