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Posted by Dooley on February 14, 2006 at 01:52:36:

In Reply to: Re: Haulover posted by NudistEric on February 01, 2006 at 07:38:00:

We found Haulover to be one of the best beaches we had ever been to. On season, they usually have chairs available to rent and food for sale. The best time to go is early on the weekends or weekdays, however the Lennys come out toward the end.

The North side, when we were there was predominately gay, the middle more of a mix crowd. When we went we met people from all over the world, as someone said, a really good crowd.

About two or three months ago, we posted a segment called Haulover, What not to wear. We'll repost it again in hopes that you will not make our mistakes and enjoy your trip:


Well, this may be a good time to do a "What not to wear" or bring segment.

This first time I went, I threw on shorts and underwear a hat, t-shirt and sunglasses, and took a bunch of things like a watch, radio, cellphone, keys etc. My girlfriend Loretta had the cooler watch CD player etc., more stuff than we needed. She was also wearing t-shirt sweats underwear, etc. We quickly found out that less was more (especially when Loretta's undies got lost or stolen on the beach and my nice watch got pinched when we both went into the ocean), and a lot of things were wisely left in the hotel or stashed in the trunk of the car.

The next day I though, well, just a t-shirt and some jean shorts. Going "commando" would be better, no need to leave my skanky undies out for the world to find or steal. But in walking back to the hotel (and a few trips to the can and to the store) had the metal zipper really doing a number on my crankshaft (sorry about that, but it had to be said). I then got out my old boxer style swimsuit, which was really a good choice because the suit had lining and protected all the family jewels. The suit also had pockets so I could keep my keys and a little money in it. At the end of the day, just toss it in the bathtub, run some water on it and it cleaned up nicely. Oh yes, not a single person scolded me for wearing a swimsuit.

Remember, this is Florida. No one cares if you walk around in a swimsuit. Most stores and restuarants won't blink an eye. Even on the clothing optional beach, no one is going to kick you out for wearing s swimsuit.

So what to take? Guys, an old swimsuit or some very comfortable gym shorts, preferably with pockets and NO zipper. Trust me, your wang will thank you for it. Leave the underwear at the hotel, the less clothing you have, the less to worry about. A t-shirt is a must in case you start to burn. Take an old cheap one so if it is lost or stolen, no harm done.

Loretta suggests bikinis for the ladies. This gives you the option of going top free in case you are still working with going fully naked or having to deal with the menstral cycle. If you wear the bikini, especially the bottoms, take a pair of shorts with pockets for storing stuff. She also suggests a t-shirt over just the bikini top or tank top in case the sun gets too powerful.

Either take a hat or spend the extra money and rent or bring an umbrella. Mind you, that sun in Florida can be brutal. Flip flops, sandals or even flat soled shoes are the best for the sand. Again, leave your expensive shoes or gym sneakers at the hotel. Sunblock is a necessity. So is taking either a small cooler or backpack with water. I personally like the new brands of luggage that is on a cart frame and can be converted to a cooler so I can leave my stuff in the hotel and not have to buy or drag along an extra cooler.

When we go to Haulover, we have in the past stayed at a nearby hotel and walked to the beach. Usually we would only take our hotel keys, IDs, and a little money along with a cheap radio. I had bought a cheap $5.00 watch to tell time, something I really do not care if it is stolen. Leave the cell phones, Expensive Ipods, DVD players, and other electronics in the trunk of the car or at the hotel. Although the Haulover crowd is one of the best in the USA, it is not exempt from crime. Be safe and keep the unnecessary stuff where it belongs. Believe me, if you need to have a DVD player, Ipod, cell phone, computer, at the nude beach, you are obviously NOT paying attention!

I have found at Walmart something called "Neat Sheets" that I have picked up for a dollar. These are 30 square foot disposable tarps that will fit two adults. This saves your towels from getting shredded to hell and keeps the sand out well. They roll up nicely and can be stored easily in a bag or suitcase.

As everyone else has said, once you get naked on the beach, you will wonder what all the hubbub was about. Just enjoy yourself.

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