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Posted by helen on August 02, 2004 at 16:36:40:


We posted this reply to you a couple of days, but don’t know whether you saw it as it as that part of the board has become obscured by spam, so here is a repeat of it.

If you want any further info, you can contact us on hotmail, user name helen_bbb.


Dear Simon

Thanks for your latest detail reply, also the info on Redcar - it does not sound that interesting a beach especially as there are good ones elsewhere in the UK.

For advice on St Tropez, we can only give an idea of what appeals to us, as everyone has different views on holidays and what they like doing.

We think your idea of two days to drive to the South of France is optimistic. It is around 800 miles from the Channel port/tunnel, add on the distance from the North of England, and you are looking at 600 miles of driving each day for two days in succession, and the same again coming home. We have found that 350 miles in Europe is quite enough for one day (we have stretched to 400 in Australia). A few years ago we did a round trip of 3000 miles to the South of France over four weeks, and that seemed too much driving even for that period. The following year we did a similar distance in 10 days by train and that was fine, much more relaxing. Also think of the cost. Ferries or the tunnel are usually expensive, a lot more than the restricted cheap prices which are advertised, add on petrol (£200 ?), roll tolls, possible extra insurance and overnight accommodation etc etc etc.

You would EASILY do it by train in two days, one day is doubtful but possible (at least when returning). If you can travel on Saturday’s then it is really simple, fly from Teeside to Nice on bmibaby for around £100 return (half the cost of just the petrol), then train and bus as previously described. On the return you would need a very early start or spend a night near Nice.
If you are happy with camping, then this gives you more flexibility. In peak periods you would need to book a campsite in advance. Don’t expect much in standards from camps in this area, but still worth it for the low cost and the convenience of being near the beach. Make an effort to walk into St Tropez occasionally, especially in the evening, just for the atmosphere - it is well worth it.

If taking tent and everything with you, then of course a car makes it easier, but would still be feasible by train or air if you pack carefully (you don’t need many clothes!). Maybe there are facilities for hiring tents etc there, still a lot cheaper than car travel. If being on the beach is your main holiday activity then you don’t really need a car there.

As for when to go, our circumstances have necessitated us going in September in recent years. But ideally we would definitely go in July/August (a bit late saying that for this year). If you are camping it should not make much difference to the cost. This period is more reliable for weather, more sun, warmer sea, younger people and a better atmosphere. Most of all, being amidst attractive people.

As far as we know, topless sunbathing in France was common as far back as the 1930’s - long before BB. She obviously does (or did) have appeal, evidenced by the ecstatic response of a woman in a TV interview we saw who had done a film scene with her naked in bed. However, sexual appeal moves on with time as do fashions, and neither of us have ever been able to see anything stimulating in BB ourselves.

Hope to receive a report of your holiday in a few months time!

Helen and Mark

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