Cap d'Agde

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Posted by sally and martin on January 21, 2006 at 07:41:54:

Some answers to the questions about Cap d’Agde a few weeks ago.

Cap d’Agde is on the Mediterranean (South) coast of France, between the cities of Montpelier and Narbonne. France is a country in Europe. It is not split into states, but is split into departements, about 100 of them, which are smaller and less autonomous than states in the US or other countries.

Last Summer (2005) we were at Cap d’Agde in mid-June and mid-July. The South of France was very hot from late May through to early July. It then cooled into variable weather, mixture of warm and chilly, sun and cloud. This was the opposite to usual, normally July would be warmer than June. Some years ago it was chilly in early June. You are likely to have warm weather from early June onwards, but it can never be relied on. August is most likely to be hot, but will be most crowded and expensive. Last year the sea was chilly in June, even when the weather was hot, and in July it was sometimes too cold for swimming.

Cap d’Agde is a vast naturist complex, virtually a complete town in itself, probably the largest naturist centre in Europe or the world. There will be thousands of people on site, and a wide range of families, singles, couples, children, also those who go for straightforward naturism through to those who go erotic action. The site is large enough to happily accommodate all of these. There will be a wide range of ages and, but 30’s to 50’s tend to be most prominent.

Daytime about half of the people will be nude round the ‘town’ area, and most others wearing a small amount. You can go nude anywhere, including shops, restaurants, etc. The beach is 20 km along, the first 2 km officially naturist, and almost totally nude. In the evening almost everyone wears clothes, but it is not compulsory; clothing ranges from many in ordinary clothing to others in micro skirts, PVC outfits, see-through’s etc.

For accommodation there is a huge campsite, with poor facilities, and numerous apartment blocks which are all privately owned but can easily be rented via several agencies- they are all individual and vary in standards. Also one expensive hotel. There are many restaurants, bars, food shops, erotic clothing shops.

One section of the beach, about 10 minutes walk from the centre, has extensive open sex during June. But July and August are regarded as a ‘family’ period and the beach is patrolled. In the evenings some bars have soft erotic performances, which are free, and sexual activity is common in most of the nightclubs.

The advantages of Cap d’Agde are (1) you can go nude everywhere with no restrictions and (2) the open sex. It is ideal for couples who want to sample exhibitionism and swinging. But if neither of these are important t you, then Cap d’Agde rates lower than many other nudist locations is Europe It is something of a concrete jungle, and completely lacks scenery. There is nothing do other than nudity, the beach and sex; you will probably spend the hole holiday on site, there is little of interest nearby (a few town worth seeing - Sete and Agde - but no major sights). Many areas of Spain have good nudist beaches, are scenic and have a better range of people, also to some extent Greek islands. The Spanish are much more into nudity for young people.

Happy to answer any specific questions anyone has.

Sally and Martin

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