OK, the REAL Blacks Beach discussed

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Posted by Brad on January 09, 2006 at 21:26:58:

I know a lot of you have been to that legendary nude beach in Southern Cal near San Diego, Blacks Beach. I was just asked to give my opinion to someone if they should come and visit it this year.

SO, once and for all, here's my report on the current Blacks Beach.

OK, for once and all....this is what Blacks is really about.

Blacks Beach has really changed over the past 20 years. In the 1970s and 1980s, the ratio was a lot more balanced, and more importantly, there were thousands that would go to this beach. It was deemed to be the largest and most crowded nude beach in the nation, and it was true.

During the 90s, the culture changed. The ratio of men to women jumped incredibly. Open beach sex would occur after the lifeguards left in the evening (I witnessed a number of blowjobs, mutual masturbation, etc.) The crowd really dipped down into the realm of homeless folks living up on the bluffs, etc. Also, in recent years patrols have really clamped down on any sexual touching and will assume a gathering of umbrellas blocking view is an indication of a couple doing the touchy touch. They not only issue citations, but arrest folks when they observe sexual contact - this has really slowed down that activity considerable in the past, say, 5 years.

Then, San Diego City reasserted its right to enforce anti-nudity laws. The City vs. County/State line bifurcated Blacks Beach thus cutting the nude side to about half of the original two mile stretch. This eliminated the wonderful CFNM opportunity to go "hang" out with the gorgeous coeds in bikinis watching the surfer dudes further to the south on the City side.

The M/F ratio mentioned of 20 to 1, is not an exaggeration, but typical. This is a common ratio of men to women there, and is similar to the nude beach 20 miles to the north, San Onofre. Out of all the nude beaches I've been to, these two have by far the lowest ratio of women going.

Adding to the M vs. F ratio challenge is the gay portion to the north at Blacks. On a sunny Sunday in the summer, one may see several hundred gay men gathering there, but less than 10 women will be seen on the entire stretch of the gay portion, which is about 500 yards in length. This really throws off the M vs. F ratio at Blacks.

I've found early in the year when folks want to get their first seasonal tan, you'll usually see more women at Blacks. But as the year progresses, it gets worse and worse.

After reading all the nude beach reports on Blacks in articles, ezines and websites, I decided to test out how accurate they were. They still reference the days when Blacks would draw up to 40,000 beach goers (yeah, right). They claim on a sunny day you'll see "thousands" there (yeah, right).

So I decided to see how many were actually at Blacks at the highest moment at the most crowded time during the year. I chose the July 4th weekend and went. It was a very sunny Sunday, July 3rd with the following day being a holiday. Both days the crowds were there as much as I've seen it in the past 10 years.

I chose to do the count at 2:00 p.m. thinking that at that moment, everyone coming to the beach will have made the trek, and no one will have yet left for the evening.

To do this count, several things were needed. First, you need a good headset and sounds because counting people is boring. Second, take a pack with you so you can have one cold beer remaininng as you slug down the first. Then, you keep convincing yourself it's all for science, and yes, you really do have a life.

I was able to count by grouping spotting 5 at a time and adding 5+5+5+5, etc. I proceeded to walk the entire length of Blacks.

Acknowledging there's a margin of error and figuring my counting was off, people move around, etc., I counted just under 600 for the entire 2 mile stretch at Blacks on the busiest day of the year.

Of this, probably a third were the gay crowd far to the north leaving about 400 beach goers. Of that, another, say, 100 to 200 were the chollo gawkers, parading male voyeurs that weren't nude and folks haning on the non-nude City side.

Of the remaining 200 to, say, 300 nude beach goers, about a third were clothed. And of the remaining folks, I'd guess only 25 to 30 were women, and were nude...that would span the entire beach.

Of these 25 to 30 women, maybe 10 were young and attractive hotties, and all were with guys.

The remaining nudists were typically mid-to-elderly men, with very few being in shape (the buff nude men are all down at the gay side).

There were indeed clothed women, a few in groups. Whenever a group of young ladies (particularly the attractive ones) would throw down a blanket, and even when remaining clothed, nude guys would almost run to their spot with their towels and throw down all around them. The girls would look obviously grossed out and distressed by the human dick-flies all around them, and usually leave within an hour or so (this is why there are so few women there anymore).

So I hope this paints a visual image for those that have never been, yet want to go. I am not saying don't go...it's an experience worth getting, and even if you see just a few attractive young ladies buck naked having a good day, it could be worth the trip.

But don't expect to find what you read about. The ratio has been, and will be, about 90%++ male with a large vibe of forced exhibitionism on the women that go. Don't expect a woman to come up to you with a smile and say "why isn't that a nice dick you have?" cuz they've been put in her face all day long, and the images of those that have done it makes a dog's shaved butt look like Angelina Jolie.

K, nuff said. Hope this helps!

Oh yeah, Dr. SoCal, anything to add?

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