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Posted by usa1 on January 03, 2006 at 00:09:24:

In Reply to: NAP Security Problems posted by fireman-bill on January 01, 2006 at 23:45:15:


First let me thank you for posting what you did here, I am a retired postal worker [mailhandler] and can relate to what you say about people [patrons] getting out of hand, over the years I have met a few. I am thinking about coming out to the NAP in 2006 and would like to know if you would answer some questions that I or others might have about the event? I for one, dont have many, but I have a few. thank you again, and I would now like to tell you to have a happy and healthy new year for you and yours.


: Hello to everyone who has been abd would like to come to NAP. Yes I am a Security Pain in the ass. Even better, I'm a superviser. We want everyone to come, have a time they will nevr foget and get all the pictures they can.

: It's best to come up and camp on Saturday. There's a dance on Saturday night and you can meet many of the ladies and some celebrities. The trip from Indy is only two hours and straight up I65. Chicago is about three and can be tricky. The gates open at 8am and the show goes rain or shine until around sixz or seven. Come down and enjoy yourself. But control yourself. Any fights and you'll go to jail. Get to drunk and you'll br asked to leave. The Cops with charge anyone with DUI so just control yourself.

: As far as security being too heavy handed? When the girls pose out in the croud we have to keep people back. As the day goes on and alcohol makes people brave things can get out of hand. If you croud the girls and they get scared then they will no longer pose for you. We protect them for thiers and your advantage. Sex in public is illegal and not tolerated. There are many organizations that would love nothing more than to close the show down. Weather you in the parking lot or hiding some where. We have to stop any sexual contact. It's beyond our rules. We have to keep control of the croud to ensure safety for the ladies and the visiters.

: If the rules offend you then please don't come to the show. If you want to be a part of something that no one will believe when you tell them then come on down. Please come and introduce yourselves to me. I'm always there and I'm in a orange security shirt. I meet many people from this site.
: fireman-bill

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