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Posted by billk23 on December 28, 2005 at 12:18:17:

In Reply to: i am GOING-Nudes-a-poppin 2005 '.' posted by usa1 on December 16, 2005 at 18:11:20:

There is plenty of parking around the "fringe" areas of the grounds. The parking when I was there was in open fields, however, and I'm not sure how they would do if it was rainy and muddy. The parking is close enough to keep photo supplies in the car and make a trip or two back to the car during the course of the day if necessary. There was another reason to check back on the parking area occasionally, in that small groups of folks would go to the parking area to engage in some erotic activities, at least until security found them and broke up the gathering. I enjoyed my visits except for the issues I mentioned. I think if you plan to arrive before 10:00 AM that would be early enough to get in on what you want to see. I think if you see the fence thing you will agree it is not what you are looking for. The mix of real people in the crowd is where it is at...bk

: bk:
: thank you for being candid as it were, i know you know what I mean. I like shooting the way you are talking about, all that fake stuff turns me off, "aint nothing like the real thing, baby" if i make it, and i will if it is at all possible. it good to have an insite as to what to expect. the fence thing didnt sound right and with what you said i now know better, and not to plan to all around that. I will plan on being there for a good few hours and need to ask something else. how is the parking. is it close. what kind of time do you think I should plan on being there, I think I will try and renting a car, what do you think? tell me as much as you know please, you have been there and I havent. yet....!!

: usa1

: : : Nudes-a-poppin 2005
: : : Roselawn, Indiana, U.S.A.

: : : has anyone here ever gone to this and do they give ya a hard time about cameras or just how they do it or let anyone that comes to shoot whatever they want, from the pics that i have seen this seems to be how they do it, in that they dont really care who shoots what. I was thinking of maybe going in 2006. looks like a good time for all and I would love to go and share it with all that can't go. lol thats just me, i just love to share.
: : :
: : : usa1

: : I have gone a couple of times. The spot along the fence thing is highly overrated. I far more enjoyed taking "real people" photos in the crowd than photos of the pros with teased hair and fake tits that populate the contest inside the fence. They are made up primarily of professional strippers, and lack that "something" that the wives and girlfriends in the crowd have. The security people were a pain in the ass the two times I was there. If they saw a small crowd of people moving toward the parking lot for some "private" photos, they followed and broke up the gathering. They were very anti- anything that looked like it might escalate to sexual contact, even among consenting adults in a more private area of the resort. All in all, though it is a great time, and I highly recommend the experience...bk

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