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Posted by mike on July 08, 2004 at 18:26:29:

In Reply to: Tunick in Cleveland, Saturday June 26 at 4 am posted by vinnie d on June 22, 2004 at 03:01:35:

: From: "Amy Gilman"
: To:
: Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 17:34:01 -0400

: June 21, 2004

: Dear Participants:

: It's here! Hope you are ready for a great morning. Get a good night's
: sleep,
: stay up all night, no matter what you do, just be there!

: This is the final e-mail correspondence you will receive from MOCA
: prior to
: the Spencer Tunick installation. Please read the entire e-mail and
: print out
: the model release form. The Spencer Tunick installation will take place
: on
: Saturday, June 26, 2004 at East 9th Street Pier (where East 9th Street
: dead
: ends at the lake - just a block from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame).
: Please
: keep this information as confidential as possible. Participants only!

: You will only be nude for a short period of time during the actual
: installation. The event will be finished by approximately 8:30am. While
: posing do not wear any clothing. No hats, no sunglasses, no jewelry, no
: socks. Completely nude. Please do not undress until directed to do so
: by the
: artist. There are no cameras allowed. No food or drink. Please no
: handing
: out of flyers. Leave your valuables at home or in your car; bring
: friends
: and family to participate.

: Only participants will be allowed in the vicinity of the art event.
: Unfortunately, spouses, friends or significant others who are not
: posing
: will not be allowed near or on the site. Only come to the art event
: with
: people who are posing.

: What time should you be there?
: You should arrive no later than 4:20am. Rain or shine!
: (In order to facilitate better crowd control and ease of check-in we
: are
: staggering call times - so if you know someone else who is posing they
: might
: have a call time of 4:30am)

: We encourage you to carpool, and if you are planning on coming with
: friends
: - the earliest call time among your group is when you all should
: arrive.

: Bring a light jacket. It is a little chilly right on the lake in the
: early
: morning.

: Please be on time in order to insure your inclusion in this art event.

: Other important information
: Please fill out and bring with you the model release form attached to
: this
: e-mail. This is your ticket to get into the public art event - bringing
: a
: completed copy with you will get you into the event quicker and insure
: your
: participation. Only one name per release form. We will have extra
: releases
: at the meeting location in case you misplace yours or are unable to
: print it
: out, but it is better to come prepared. And most importantly, MOCA
: Cleveland will use this information to contact you concerning your
: print of
: the event within approximately the next 4 months.

: Spencer will be doing a few set-ups. Please refrain from talking and
: shouting while walking into these positions and while Spencer is
: documenting
: the installation. It is very important to pay close attention to the
: artist
: and his assistants' instructions during this time. Please remember that
: we
: gather here for Spencer to make a piece of art and not to have a rally,
: a
: protest or a party. It is vital that participants move according to the
: instructions given via megaphones. If you cannot hear the instructions,
: for
: any reason, please follow what the crowd in front of you is doing.
: Please
: also be patient in between set-ups while Spencer moves his crew and
: assistants into position.

: Directions and parking:
: We have arranged for several parking lots to be open, however we
: encourage
: you to carpool - as the number of slots is limited.
: East 9th Street and Marginal Road Lot: $10
: Burke Lakefront Airport Lot: $6
: Both these lots are located on Marginal Road (take East 9th Street over
: the
: highway, Marginal is the first light after the highway). Turn right
: from
: East 9th Street onto Marginal. On the right will be the $10 lot, a
: little
: further down the road on the left is the $6 lot.

: These are the closest lots and will have an attendant - they will,
: however,
: involve the most traffic and waiting (especially when you are ready to
: leave).

: There is also a 24th hour lot, the Key Marriot Memorial Plaza Garage
: (located at St. Clair and East 6th Street) - and ample street parking
: in the
: downtown Cleveland area.

: Directions
: From I-71 & the Airport or I-77
: Take I-71 North to I-90 East to Route 2 West/Exit 174B. Turn right onto
: East
: 9th Street.
: From I-80 - Ohio Turnpike
: Exit Turnpike at Exit #173; Take I-77 North (see directions from I-77
: above)
: I-90
: Take I-90 to Route 2 West/Exit 174B.
: Turn right onto East 9th Street.
: From I-271
: Take I-271 North to I-90 West (see directions from I-90 above)
: From East Side
: Take Chester towards downtown. Turn right on East 9th Street.

: In exchange for posing you will receive a print of the event (taken by
: the
: artist) from MOCA. You can pick up your print at the "unveiling" of the
: Cleveland image, which will take place at MOCA on Friday, August 6,
: 2004.

: Don't forget to bring $15 for a limited edition commemorative t-shirt -
: or
: contact us before the Thursday, June 24th to pre-order.

: Thank you for wanting to be a part of Spencer's art! He couldn't make
: his
: work without you, and he is extremely grateful for your participation.

: See you on June 26th!

: Sincerely,

: Amy Gilman
: Curatorial Consultant

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