World naked bike ride

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Posted by eastend on June 13, 2004 at 04:17:18:

Anyone else go? Toronto's only had 3 women go topless and one of those was nude for about 10 minutes. I only shot video, no pics. I will send it in for coccovision soon. I covered it on my own bike, not naked.The police claimed there were complaints and threatened people with tickets, in a park known more for drug dealers and homeless people sleeping than anything else. A big group of men were naked at 12 for a 3 oclock race at the cops asked them to cover up until it started. Luckily the women took off their tops early. Before the race everyone striped, including the 1 chick, and then the cops decided all of a sudden everyone had to cover their genitals.
Anyway the 1 naked woman put her bottom on, and the police tried to make all the women put their tops on, saying it was causing a disturbance or some such crap. They stood up for their legal right to bare breasts even under police intimidation, and alot of men rode the whole thing nude anyway. No one was charged as far as i saw.
The crowds on queen street were probably 98 per cent in favour, and 100 per cent of the people had a shock followed by grin expression. Everyone stopped to watch it go it go by young, old, families from the burbs, punk rock teens. Some cheered, some laughed, people driving by on the other side of the road honked like crazy, it wasnt like critical mass where the bikers take over, everyone obeyed the rules of the road, making each stoplight a great shooting oportunity. There was a police bike escort for the whole thing, in the end they couldnt really stop it, so they just watched it.
I dont know if the anti oil message got thru very well, but it was fun. The ride was supposed to end at another park, but there were huge crowds there for something else, so post race wasnt long and everyone got dressed quickly and went to a bar. Here is another perspective from some nudist whose name i missed, and i am one of the "gawkers" he mentions for sure! Peace

World Naked Bike Ride
June 12, 2004

The day started out well. The weather was perfect sunny but not too hot. =

hot enough for a nude bike ride. I was encouraged by the reported positive =

attitude of
the Toronto Police who told us they would escort us but would not interfere=

as long
as there was no any indecent behaviour.

I arrived at Toronto's Grange park around half past noon. It wasn't clear w=

hether the
start time was noon, 1pm, 2pm or even 3pm. When I arrived, there were about=

dozen men already nude and waiting around. I joined them as soon as I arriv=

ed. In
another corner of the park, about a dozen police officers were had gathered=

seemed to be waiting for the start.

We quickly agreed that we shouldn't start until 2pm due to the confusion ov=

er the
start time. As we waited, the police requested that we keep our pants on un=

til the
start of the event out of respect for the other park users. This seemed lik=

e a
reasonable request so we complied. (although I still fail to understand how=

a nude
body can be offensive to adults or harmful to children)

Over the next two hours, several more people joined us until our group numb=

about two dozen including 7 women. We passed the time chatting, painting sl=

on our bodies, playing Frisbee and doing interviews with the media represen=

Most of the women went topfree as soon as they arrived since they all knew =

that it
was their right. The group was small but a strong feeling camaraderie quick=

developed. The men and women who were there to participate were passionate =

their beliefs and were determined to have fun.

A few minutes before 2pm, most of us spontaneously took off our remaining
clothing. A group picture was quickly arranged and many photos were taken b=

y the
participants, the media and the gawkers who had been patiently waiting. Non=

e of this
bothered us. We were there to make a point and have fun.

Suddenly, Sergeant Thomson of the Toronto police began to exert that well-
established intimidating behaviour that they use to simplify their task. Th=

e police
know that through stern attitude and threats, they can intimidate the publi=

c into
doing things regardless of the law. Often they know full well that what the=

y are trying
to enforce has no basis in the law but with enough bullying, they usually g=

et their

For unknown reasons, Sergeant Thomson had decided that he was not going to =

us to go ahead with our nude bike ride regardless of earlier commitments by=

police. He informed us that many people had been offended although he could=

n't to
identify any formal complainants. He expressed his concerns for the childre=

n in the
area but refused to discuss what harm those children might come to if they =

saw nude

Sergeant Thomson targeted Dave who he saw as our leader. While Dave had don=

more of the organizing than most, this group didn't have a formal leader. D=

ave did
his best to inform the group of the police's intentions. There was a genera=

l feeling of
disgust. Some of us, myself included, tried to argue with Sergeant Thomson=

. Others
remained nude and simply took off on their bikes and were not pursued by th=

e police.
Most donned either a g-string or shorts and got ready to go ahead with the =


Sergeant Thomson tried to get the topfree women to also cover up but when h=

realized that they were aware of their rights, he quickly backed down on th=

at point. I
personally considered calling the police's bluff but realized that they cou=

ld arrest me
even if they were unable to charge me with anything. It didn't seem worth i=

t. At that
point, I felt so powerless, so frustrated, and so angry that I decided to l=

eave. I felt I
could no longer participate in the ride. To me, the bike ride without the n=

udity would
be just like any other bike ride through the city. In fact, given the sunny=

warm day,
most of us were now dressed like many others who were just out for a bike r=

ide that

Hopefully somebody else can fill in the rest. Many of the group went ahead =

with the
ride. Most women left topfree. Some men left nude. Most left with shorts.

I am most disappointed by the misleading behaviour of the Toronto police. (=

or at
least that of Sergeant Thomson) I hope that greater tolerance was shown in=

the other
cities where the WNBR was planned.

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