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Posted by Fabio from Italy on October 19, 2005 at 04:25:33:

In Reply to: Re: weird troubles with DVD'S posted by COCCO on September 16, 2005 at 11:59:43:

: Ah, the mysteries of the DVD-R format! It is the nature of DVDs that not all DVDs will play in all players all the time. I suppose the technical tolerances leave little room for error or manufacturing differences.

: We have 10 different brands of DVD players that we use for testing. Every copy made is played on at least 2 players all the way through. This is no guarantee that a copy will play on your DVD player. But it is very unikely that you will get a copy from us that will not play on most players.

: Personaly I have several players at home, because even DVDs rented from Blockbuster sometimes do not play on one player but will on the other!

: Players are so cheap today. I recommend Panasonic. We have had a few models and they are generally superior. As it happens the blank DVD-R disks are Panasonic too. But I take these DVDs home and watch them on various players and I hardly ever have a problem.

: We have done everything humanly possible to make the best DVD-Rs humanly possible. But you might still have to buy another player if you have had yours a few years. Players are often under $50 now. And most play these DVDs just fine.

: I have no idea why Fabio's player used to play them fine, then did not later. Maybe he has dirt on the reader lens. I don't know. DVD's should not degrade, at least not for 100 years!

: Anyway... you can always ask us for replacements. We are serious about the one-year guarantee.


Thank you for you kind answer and sorry if icontact you so late:((
I have cleaned the dvd player ,but i have problems to play your dvd again.
anyway my girlfriend has bought a new dvd player for herself and she has passed to me his old dvd player and now i can see your dvd without problems:))
Anyway to avoid bad surprises in the future i have made personal copy on VHS tapes.
i appreciate your customer service and ,as soon as my budget allow me,i place another ordero n your site

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