Message Board Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why do you remove advertisements from the Message Board?

Answer: We don't normally remove anything as long as it is on-topic and non-offensive. If you try to promote a full-blown porn site with annoying popup windows, we'll remove it. If you try to promote a Naturism website that turns out to be a "banner-farm", we'll remove it. If you are trying to promote body-acceptance and the "Fun being naked in public" concept, you are welcome to contribute whatever you want.

Question: What sorts of messages can we post here?

Answer: Anything you want, but again, if the message is meant to incite others and holds no relevant content, we'll remove it. For the most part we respect the concept of "Free-Speech" and we try to include as many messages as possible. As always, use your best judgement.

Question: What exactly do you mean by "Peeing in the Pool"?

Answer: Anyone who defames others, or is rude, or is argumentative, or is offensive, etc., is thought to be "Peeing in the Pool". Cocco will normally warn someone about it first before removing anything from the board.

Question: What the heck is an "Arkodog"?

Answer: Hey! Be nice! Arkodog was adopted by Cocco and has been granted special permission to basically do whatever he wants. He was sending in extensive event reports from all of the events that he has been to and he also has a ton of galleries with us. For this, he has been knighted "Sir Arko" and will post what he wants, when he wants to. We find him to be terribly amusing, not to mention intelligent, and, quite frankly, we love Arko.

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