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Does your site provide refreshing images of people having fun outdoors or in public settings by dispensing with the no-clothing taboo in our culture? We like pictures of nudity in public, nude beaches, topless events and people flashing or streaking.

Naked Mile, Woodstock, Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest, Burning Man, biker ralleys, topfree pride parades... etc. Nude beaches and any nudist / naturism themes will work too. Photo sites with a voyeur or exhibitionist angle will be considered too as long as they don't invade privacy too agressively.

We are not interested in "up-skirt", or "x-ray" photography, nor window peeping. We are not that kind of voyeurism webring.

This Nude for Fun site owned by Username.

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1. Your site must be significantly on-topic for us to accept it. We reserve the right to turn down your request at our own discretion.

2. Your site must provide a decent number of free images of reasonable size and quality.

3. Pay sites will be admitted if they have more than just a reasonable number of free images available.

4. If your images have obviously been collected from other parts of the web you could be turned down unless you have done something particularily interesting. We are primarily looking for legitimate sites with their own original and exclusive content.

5. Sites cluttered with banners, especially those crass porno banners will not be accepted. Likewise, sites that trap the visitor with multiple windows, etc will not be accepted.

6. Placement of the webring interface is important. You can place it on your warning page at the domain level of your site. You can also place the ring on your home page, provided people who surf through your site can easily get back to your home page via links on your pages. You may also place the webring interface on some other page, provided that people can get back to it by clicking on a "Webring" link on your other pages. You may also duplicate the webring Interface on other pages, if you like, so that people can continue exploring the ring. You may not place the webring on a page which people cannot get back to easily once they start looking around your site unless it is the warning page at your domain name level. The point of a webring is to allow people to surf freely between sites with similar themes. Anyone who "traps" visitors on their site will be removed from the ring.

7. Unfortunately sites on free webspace providors like Geocities or Xoom cannot be accepted because of the high probably of being taken down for content violations. That creates an inconvenient gap in the ring which we have to quickly repair.


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Once you have made the above submission you will be in a "queued" status, which means we know about your submission but you are not part of the ring yet. The following still needs to happen:

1. You will now be sent an email confirming all your submitted information. You will be assigned a site id # which you will need to set up your connection to the Webring.

2. We check for new ring applications about once per day. When we see your request we will take a look at your page. We will let you know if your site will be okay for the ring. You can either wait for our response before adding the ring code, or if you are sure your site will be suitable you can move on to the next step.

3. Now you may add the Nude for Fun Webring code that will put the Interface, like the one near the top of this page, on your page. Just copy everything in the box below and put your site id# in place of (****YOUR ID#) in the two places. You need to change (****YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS) and (****YOUR NAME) once each. Make sure you get rid of the parentheses (brackets).

4. You also need to copy the image from the interface at the top of this page, upload that image to your website and properly link to it. Please do not link to our image here.

4. You may email us once your page is ready and we will then check your site again to make sure the coding is correct. If everything is okay, we will then add your site to the ring. You will start to get new visitors very quickly.


We will check all sites on our ring at least once per week to make sure everything works and that all sites are complying with our guidelines.

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