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Sea Mountain Inn - Nude Spa - Palm Springs, California

Let Your Body Return to its Natural State

Treat yourself to a luxurious naked experience at the Sea Mountain Resort in Desert Hot Springs, California, very close to Palm Springs. Indulge in the sauna, whirlpool, a massage or just soak up the sun by the pool or mini-beach. A very zen-like tranquil atmosphere during the day transforms into evening carnival-like parties which are, of course, clothing optional. Stay overnight and have more fun than you can imagine. Perfect for nudists looking to be pampered. They cater to couples and single women only.
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Hedonism II in Jamaica has gardens you can run around naked in.
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Indian or Thai arch with nude girl.
Couple relaxing at the edge of the Pool.
A nude massage outdoors
An outdoor shower for cooling off your bare body.
Nude Pool at Sea Mountain Inn Spa
You can sunbath nude at Sea Mountain.

Leave Your Clothes Behind

California offers many resorts, campgrounds and natural locations where nudists can experience clothesfreedom. Possibly the most luxurious, pampering and comfortable places to visit is the Seamountain Inn of Desert Hot Springs. A 90 minute drive east from Los Angeles, head toward Palm Springs and soon you will be there.

Once inside, loose all your material attachments and treat yourself to a pure body experience.

You can get a professional massage or just relax in the mineral water whirlpool and let the jets of water give you a massage. Yes, this is more of a spa than a hotel, though the 20 rooms they offer are quite luxurious. Let's not forget the wood sauna and European style pool where nude sunbathing is the norm.

Designed like an Asian comtemplative zen garden the courtyard welcomes you into a state of relaxed comfort. All your needs are taken care of... food and drink are available throughout the day.

The weekly theme parties at their Club Taboo Gardens are legendary. Get on their mailing list and you'll get up to speed on some of the amazing and creative evenings they put together.

This adults-only spa is for couples and single women only. Years of experience as dictated the necessity of this ratio for the comfort of all guests.

If you are an adventurous nudist, you can go on a group nude nude hike in the nearby Mecca Hills of California. Guides can take you to some scenic areas while wearing nothing but a knapsack!

For a complete list of amenities at Sea Mountain Resort please visit their website.


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A group enjoys conversation in the nude pool.
The Seamountain Garden
Indoor scene at the Resort
Night view of the pool
Nude accommodations
Fountains by the pool.