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It's Hard to be a Nude Comic

01Some time ago we were approached by a cartoonist who offered to supply us with one cartoon per week, customized to our interests. I thought that might be a good idea and agreed to give it a try.

In the end it did not work out. We did not post them on our home page as we were going to. But I did pay for these cartoons and I thought you might all get a kick out of seeing them.

The first few cartoons he sent me seemed to reflect an outsider's view of nudism and also focused on the voyeuristic aspect too much. I thought they could be much better with a bit of direction from us. But I also thought some of these frames could be "saved" by changing the caption. The one on the left did not really work for me so I suggested the following change.

"Don't worry, the guys are out snorkling. We can be naked all we want."
02I do realize humor is very subjective. But if these cartoons don't work for me, what chance is there they will be right for the website?

I thought this cartoon was okay, but nudity in an office environment is not really what the site is about. The casual Friday idea is cute so I thought this one would be okay to keep as is.

I did have the idea that we could have some cartoons about the coccozella office and staff since issues of working nude come up here, especially since I am often not wearing clothes and when new people come to work here some of them don't know quite what to make of it.
funny dogThis cartoon is kind of funny, but who takes their dog for a walk naked without getting arrested? So it doesn't relate to anything that actually happens to people. I thought there must be a better line that would work, maybe something relating to her flashing in a park... I don't know.

The cartoonist was not thrilled about all the changes I wanted to make, though to me this would just be a period of finding the right "voice" for the site cartoons.
beach cartoonHere again, I did not like the "spying" angle. I thought it might work better for us if the "textile" boaters were forced to go to shore at a nude beach. I suggested:

"I'm really sorry but we've run out of gas and we'll have to swim to shore right here"
office nude cartoonAnother cartoon about "casual friday"?

I suggested:

"I'm protesting against male domination in the work force."

or how about...

"As long as my boobs are smaller than your nose you can't say I have big boobs."
windowKind of funny, but not right for Coccozella at all.
mardi grasSo I started to suggest ideas and worked on getting the cartoonist up to speed with our content.

This one is not bad but I think the caption is a mouthful. I think all you need is:

"So did they like your boobs on Bourbon street, Honey?"
nudesapoppin cartoonI had suggested that there must be something funny in the way hords of guys with cameras surround girls at Nudes-a-Poppin. What he came up with is not bad.
cartoonThis was my idea, based, of course, on a real problem discussed at length on the message board. I don't think we need the "nude beach" sign. Do you?
running of the nudesMy idea. I would love it if we could have a cartoon like this every week. Perfectly on topic and also funny (in my opinion)
naked bike ride comicI asked for a "Naked Bike Ride Day" cartoon where a cop ignores the fact that they are naked but arrests someone for not wearing a helmet. So this is not bad, except it should be a city street and signs should not say "beach" and "bike rentals".
WNBRSo here is the "Naked Bike Ride Day" cartoon. Hmmmm.
comic nudeDoes anyone get this? I don't. Is he blushing and wants to pretend he's just sunburned? Is that funny?

I thought maybe he could be saying:

"I don't care if I'm getting a sunburn. I'm not moving from this spot."
jokeMy idea. Again, based on a common fear of nude beach first-timers. This sort of thing is what would work I think.
04Not right for our site, I think.
But it is usable in a pinch.
breasts sculptureNot bad. We only need the first sentence though. Too verbose. And we don't need the "nude beach" sign.
sandcastleAnother variation on the beach-erection theme. Not bad, but the caption is too verbose. How about if she asks him:

"Why don't you let the dragon out of the dungeon?"

Well, the cartoonist got cold feet with all my demands. Too bad. It could have been great. I think he was recycling these over many websites and I told him I was not keen on giving him ideas and then having him post them on other sites. I guess he was not really charging enough for exclusivity and working that way was not part of his program. I think he was trying to build up a collection he could sell over and over again. Nothing wrong with that. But not something I want to do. And what I was interested in doing, he was not. Too bad it took so much work to find out.

I do wish him the best in his endevors.

Any cartoonists out there who want to have some fun?

Take off your clothes and get closer!
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