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Gunnison Beach - Sandy Hook - New Jersey Nude Beaches

A nude beach in New Jersey? You bet!

Not normally known as a tropical holiday destination, New Jersey's Gunnison Beach is the area's only official clothing-optional beach and is used by thousands of beachgoers during the summer months each year. Located within the Sandy Hook area of the Gateway National Recreation Area, people of all ages, shapes and sizes come from all around to enjoy the Manhattan Skyline and the company of other like-minded people every day of the week!
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Directions to Gunnison Beach

If visiting via car:

From the Garden State Parkway, take exit 117 for Sandy Hook/Gateway Recreational Park. Turn south on route 36 and follow that all the way down. Once past the bridge, go left when you can't go straight any longer. When you arrive at Sandy Hook, pay for parking and continue driving until you see the signs for Gunnison Beach.

If visiting via public transit:

There is a ferry that leaves from Manhattan (Pier 11 & East 34th Street) that goes directly to Sandy Hook. Tickets can be purchased on the ferry for about $45.00 that will include the ride, bus shuttling to the beach and free maps of Sandy Hook.

Detailed Information about Gunnison Beach

Officially designated as a clothing-optional beach in the mid 1970s, Gunnison Beach is the only legal nude beach in New Jersey as it is located on Federal land (and not subjected to state or local regulations). Camping is not allowed, however this deosn't seem to deter the 5,000+ visitors per day during the warmer months.

New Jersey's summer climate typically experiences temperatures from 70 to 90 degrees F (20-30 celcius) from mid-June to mid-September. It can also be quite humid at times and it's not unheard of for the humidex to push the temperature to 90+ degrees for periods during the summers. It is advisable to bring a hat and sunscreen and anything else that will help to protect you from long exposure to the direct sunlight.

The clientele brings a great diversity to the area with men and women - both gay and straight - from all walks of life. The general 'vibe' is a pleasant one, with friendly people willing to give a smile. The groups are also fairly protective of one another and general safety is virtually a non-issue.

Visitors should consider bringing their own refreshments along, as the snack bar can be a little costly (as they typically tend to be) and you may not want to be walking back and forth all day. It is also highly recommended that you get there early - before 9:00am - in order to find a parking a spot and a good spot on the beach. This is an extremely busy beach and no parking spot means no visit to the beach that day.

Alcohol is permitted on the beach, but please do not bring any glass containers. This is part of the "General Etiquette" that is expected from all visitors and more on this can be found at the Friends of Gunnison website.

  • EVENTS: The volleyball net is supposed to always be available. Beach sports are permitted so long as other visitors are not disturbed. There are no scheduled events.
  • TOILETS: Bathrooms and showers are located near the entrance to the beach, but be aware that no nudity is allowed in that area.
  • PARKING: From Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day, beach parking passes are sold at the entrance for $10.00 per day. Seasonal passes are also available.
  • CAUTIONS: Try to get there before 9:00 am on weekends and bring some comfortable footwear for the 1/2 mile walk (and to avoid the burning sand).
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