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Baker Beach - San Francisco - California Nude Beaches

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When the weather is nice the north end of the publicly accessible beach is packed with nude and partially nude visitors. Close to downtown San Francisco, this beach can be accessed with public transportation. Parking and restroom facilitlies make this a very convenient nude beach to go to. Walking north over rock outcrops gets you to another stretch of wilder beach also frequented by nudists.
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Baker Beach nudists admire the surf in late afternoon

Directions to the Location

South of the Presidio (the huge park-like area at the north west end of the city), get on 25th Ave heading north. You will have to make a right onto Lincoln Blvd as you leave the residential area. Take the second left turn onto Bowley Street which is the main entrance into the Baker Beach park area. Make a right onto Gibson Rd and continue on to the large parking lot. Don't park in the first lot you see, take the small road to your right through to the bigger lot. Get there early, as it fills up fast. Additional parking can be found on Lincoln Blvd to the north - from there you can follow paths down to the beach.

You may also take public transit, locally known as "muni". Bus number 29 goes north on 25th street and goes right into the park at Baker Beach. How you connect to get on bus 29 fram various parts of the city is up to you.

From the parking lot walk north along the beach for about 10 minutes. The nude section is at the north end where the large rock outcrop defines the end of the beach. At low tide it is possible to clamber over the rocks and continue north where it is also okay to be nude.

Detailed Information

Baker Beach is a well established legal nude beach at the north end. But it is never exclusively nude so and you have to be willing to mix in with a clothed crowd, especially on a warm weekend. Sometimes there are groups that obviously have arrived to gawk, but they usually keep their distance.

The weather in San Francisco is very unpredictable. July and August can be very foggy and cool; warm sunbathing weather cannot be assumed. On average, the best weather is spring and fall. On a nice day nudists will put up a volleyball net and there will be quite a bit of social activity.

CAUTIONS - swimming is dangerous and not advised.
Baker Beach nude run towards the textile area - Photozella
Nude Couple by the surf - baker beach

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