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Englischer Garten - Munich - German Nude Parks

Naked in a Public Park

Germans "invented" nudism in reaction to Victorian modesty, and so to this day most German cities have a few parks around town where it's ok to be in the buff. If in doubt, when in Germany, do as the Germans do. One of the more famous parks is the English Garden in Munich. On a warm summer day hundreds will flock to the huge lawns ajoining the diversion channels of the Isar River. The water is great for cooling off.
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The englischer garten is a great place to dip into the Isar River to cool off on a hot day in Munich.

Directions to the Location

Der Englischer Garten is a massive park in th city, just a bit north/east of the central core of the city, just touching the main ring-street. There is a big art gallery, "Haus der Kunst" at the south end of the park, so if you walk around behind the art gallery you come upon the field where nudity is officially allowed.

A good subway stop to go to is the Ludwig-Maximiliams University stop. You get out on Ludwigstrasse and from there take a side street eastward until you hit the park.

Detailed Information

A few people have reported to us experiencing disappointment when visiting, thinking there would be a mass of nude people they could join but finding that actually a small proportion actually go nude, even on a hot summer day. One reported that on the nude field less than one in 20 was actually nude, and 19 out of 20 people were male, and of the nudes one in 50 was a woman. So the place was not really living up to it's reputation.

It would seem there are better places along the Isar River to be nude, which we will report on other pages.

As a point of interest, at the east side of the art gallery is a channel of water where youngsters surf on the surging wave formed there. Some are amazingly good at it.

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Englischer Garten nude park in Munich
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Woman is comfortable naked in this Munich public park